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PEA Pedagogy Ecology Arts


PEA is a small conference that brings together research and practices in learning in dialogue in particular between the German-speaking and Italian-speaking fields but open to international and intercultural experiences.

The focus is on pedagogy in an ecological dimension as an interconnection between theory and practice,

cognition and living environment, in which the arts can be an effective synthesis.

Within this framework the focus of the first edition was on the concept of “polis”.

To define and construct a polis, the concept of ecology and the arts-based research draw a set

where individual and collective learning as well as specific contexts are interrelated as a system.

In the second edition with the topic "peace" we want to redraw the boundaries to actively create places and projects for peace. During the PEA conference we aim to stimulate a shared reflection on peace in a very broad sense, including topics such as nonviolence, desirable polis, better future, creative conflict resolution, peaceful coexistence, hope, dialogue, resilience, conviviality, activism, resistance, and personal as well as shared responsibility. 




supported by
CRAT Centre for Research in Arts and Theater

in collaboration with
Accademy of italian-german studies and Centre for culture

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