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The Monte Olimpino workshop experience: cinema as research

"On the hill of Monte Olimpino, between 1962 and 1972, Bruno Munari, my five children and I,

we reinvented cinema (how to produce, make and distribute a film).

Finally we discovered the cinema made by children".

Marcello Piccardo, La collina del cinema, Nodo Libri (1992)

Dialogue with Andrea Piccardo. He is one of Marcello Piccardo's sons, who together with his brothers was a protagonist of that experience with Bruno Munari and his father. Accompanying the PEAconference, the installation presents some of the films made between 1962 and 1972. Andrea Piccardo's lifelong testimony offers the opportunity to reflect also on a related experience, "Cinema made by children", including divergent visions between art, science, and pedagogy, which could be called a method. 
Nazario Zambaldi

Merano, Centre for Culture 1-11 September 2023

Monday to Saturday 15.30 - 22.30

The Monte Olimpino experience

Cinema made by children

Image: "Tempo nel tempo" (1964) 

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