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Academy of Italian-German Studies, Innerhofer Street 1



Coffee and Registration



Institutional Greetings

Evi Agostini and Sabina Langer - Framing PEA conference


Siegfried Baur (Free University of Bolzano) - From the Development of Equality in the Difference to an Education for the Future

Ines Giunta (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) - For an Ecological Ethic

Hans Karl Peterlini (University of Klagenfurt) - Pedagogy of Sensitivity. Problems and Potentials for Overcoming Divisions between I and Thou, Humans and Nature, Subject and World


FOCUS on Polis and Digital Ecology

(in English)

Chair: Nazario Zambaldi

Dialogue between Paolo Landri (CNR) and Denis Francesconi (University of Vienna)

Open Discussion

Questions and Answers

Convivial Lunch & "Chatting"



Panel A (in English/German)

Academy of Italian-German Studies, Innerhofer Street 1

Chair: Evi Agostini

Gregor Eckert & Nina Grünberger (Technical University Darmstadt) - Envisioning Futures with the Means of Art. A Pedagogical Approach of Polis in the Context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) (in English)

Matteo Pra Mio (Free University of Bolzano) - Youth as a Factor of Political Discrimination, Youth as a Factor of Political Hope. On the Role of Education Towards More Desirable Poleis (in English)

Jasmin Jossin & Tanja Godlewksy (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) - Urban Xtopia. Participatory Futuring through Creative and Transformative Envisioning Practices (in English)

Petra Grabowski (Free University of Bolzano) - SEA. Social and Emotional Learning in Art Education (in English)

Sandra Matschnigg-Peer & Tamara Peer (University College of Teacher Education Vienna) - School as a Bridge between the Small and the Big World – School as Polis? (in German)

Panel B (in English)

Center for Culture, Cavour Street 1

Chair: Nazario Zambaldi

Oliver Kauffmann (Aarhus University) - Polis, Painting and Unlearning in the Late Work of Merleau-Ponty

Alessandro Tollari (Iuav University of Venice) - Playful Habitats. The Performing Arts and the Re-aestheticization of Education

Paola Crespi (Independent Researcher, Merano) - Rudolf Laban’s Polis. How to Live Together in Rhythm

Sibilla Montanari (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) - Collective Agency as Developmental Learning in Socio-Ecological Systems to Address Super-Complex Challenges. Theatre-Based Research to Implement Collective Agency’s Assessment Through Forum-Theatre

Carla Cardinaletti (Free University of Bolzano) - The Relational Depth of Field. The Experience of the 00A Gallery between Merano and Trento


Panel C (in Italian)

Center for Culture, Cavour Street 1

Chair: Denis Francesconi

Gina Chianese & Barbara Bocchi (University of Trieste) - Connecting School and City for a Sustainable and Widespread Educational Ecosystem

Alessia Rosa & Michela Bongiorno (INDIRE) - Truth Dare Create in the Spaces of the City. Educational Practices to Support the Creativity of Children between Three and Six Years Old

Maddalena Sottocorno (University of Milano Bicocca) - The Community-based Digital Archiving Practice in a Pedagogical Perspective. Reflections for a More Sustainable City

Giacomo Zavatta & Brigitta Pia Alioto (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice) - Rediscovering John Dewey Using the Ecological Approach. Some Considerations for a Democratic Idea of Education and a Democratic Idea of Polis

Sara Baroni (Free University of Bolzano) - Building Resilience and Resistance in Emergency, Polis as Network



Center for Culture, Cavour Street 1


Workshop A 17 - 18 (in English)

Chair: Sabina Langer

Luana Silveri (teacher at Istituto di Istruzione “La Rosa Bianca”, Cavalese/Trento) - How can We Turn Sustainability Education in a More Ecological and Systemic Way?

Workshop B 17 - 18 (in German)

Chair: Evi Agostini

Ulrike Barth & Angelika Wiehl (Alanus University Mannheim) - Without Creativity No Pedagogy! Writing Perceptual Vignettes as a Creative Phenomenological Method

Workshop C 18 - 19 (in English)

Chair: Denis Francesconi

Anja Thielmann (University College of Teacher Education Styria) - School for a Solidary Society. Philosophy for Children as an Access to Critical and Empathic Thinking


Convivial Dinner in the Garden & Music

Academy of Italian-German Studies, Innerhofer Street 1

BOOK PRESENTATION 20.30 (public event)

Center for Culture, Cavour Street 1

Gert J.J. Biesta, Riscoprire l’insegnamento, Raffaello Cortina Editore

with the editors: Paolo Landri and Francesco Cappa


Music on the Terrace by Raffaele Virgadaula


Center for Culture, Cavour Street 1

Coffee and "Good Morning" 8 - 9



Panel D

(in English)

Chair: Evi Agostini

Cinzia Zadra & Maria Ventura (Free University of Bolzano) - Exploring and Reimagining Education in the Polis. Bridging Place-Based Education and Public Pedagogy

Victoria Konidari (University of Patras) - The Eco-Political Approach of Educational Leadership. Familiar Concepts, New Challenges and New Roles for Schools and their Leaders

Angelica Disalvo (University of Foggia) - Polis’ Crisis, Systemic Resilience, and School. What Strategies Can Support Italian High School Teachers?

KEATS Aps (group of educational professionals, Monza) - Educational Practices for Building Social Ties. TEDDY per il quartiere, a Collective Narration for the Neighborhood


Panel E

(in English)

Chair: Denis Francesconi

Dag Munk Lindemann (UCL University College Denmark) - A Chiasmic Nature Bildung

Georgios Bestias (Consulate General of Greece in Korca) - Korczak’s Pedagogy and its Contribution to Promoting Active Citizenship in Schools

Jeanette Hoffmann (Free University of Bolzano/Bozen) – LUNA – Kindergarten and Primary School Children Talking About the Moon, Imagining Fictional Worlds of living in Harmony with Nature

Daniela Lehner (University of Klagenfurt) - Pedagogies of Coexistence toward a Regenerative Future




Workshop D 9 - 10

Chair: Nazario Zambaldi

Laura Corbella (University of Milano-Bicocca) - Pedagogical Improvisation. A Teacher Education Scenario to Embrace the Unexpected (in Italian)

Workshop E 10 - 11

Chair: Sabina Langer

Francesco Riva & Elisabetta D’Agostino (teachers at IC Cappelli – Milano) - Relaxing, Laughing, Sharing. A Way to Build a Democratic Community in a Class of Teenager (in Italian)



PEA, Polis: People and Territory - Connections and Networking

Invited speakers and conference’s participants discuss the question: “Which desirable polis?”

to connect the conference and the world and to imagine the future of the conference.

Andrea Piccardo - The Experience of Monte Olimpino and the Cinema made by Children

Heidrun Demo (Free University of Bolzano) - Democratic School and Participation

Michele Cagol (Free University of Bolzano) - Ecology and Wonder

Convivial Aperitif & "Let's Stay in Touch"

City tour.

Art Guide Tour 15.30

Kunst Merano Arte organises a guided tour for conference participants of the current exhibition 'Vielheit [Multiplicity]: Stories from the postmigrant society'

(in English). 

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